Q. What is the time frame of getting a modular kitchen installed at home?

       There is a set of processes involved in the of making a modular kitchen, which consists of the site visit, physical measurements, designing,
       discussion, finalization, ordering for manufacturing, dispatch and then finally installation at your home. Normally this process takes 6-7 ;weeks.

Q. What are the maintenance requirements of a modular kitchen?

       Modular kitchens are easy to maintain. Based to the design and material used, necessary care needs to be taken and a dew common practices will
       ensure the long life and beauty of you modular kitchen. Few tips are:

       - Clean the shutter with a soft dry cloth, moisten it while cleaning worktop & tiles.
       - Clean the shutters immediately for any spillage of food items.
     - Regularly check the drawer and shutter movement. In case of an unusual noise or obstruction in the movement, please call our Customer Care          Service.
       - Always keep the sink area dry and clean. In case of any oil residues, use a soft cloth with mild detergent and lukewarm water.
       - Do not scrub any of the surfaces with a sharp object as it can damage their finish.
       - Do not lean over or hang onto the open shutters & drawers.
       - Do not overload the cabinets or store over-sized objects.

       You can call our customer care executive for any further help and guidance.

Q. What are the latest trends in modular kitchens?

        Modular kitchens are available in a wide range of color, design, texture, material and concepts. These specifications keep changing with time
        and new developments are a constant feature in all aspects of the kitchen. Even the trends are varied as per the culture, use and personal choice.
        Nowadays, straight lines are the ‘in’ thing! Handle-less doors, soft closing drawers, top open-able glass doors, built-in appliances are the
        To give a country look, we can use the solid wood finish shutters. Contemporary, modern, classic. What is your personality type can be reflected
        through your Modular Kitchen!

        The latest on kitchens is that it is replacing the living room! It is a style statement and a reflection of who you are.

Q. What about Hob, Chimney, Sink and other appliances?

       Appliances in a Modular kitchen are as important as the kitchen itself! Sinks are the most important accessories and no kitchen is complete
       without a sink. It is the known fact that no modular kitchen company manufactures their own appliances. You can buy any accessory from any
       reputed brand, but just take care to share this information with the designer before designing the kitchen, so it’s very easy to accommodate it in
       the design process. Same rule applies for all other accessories.

Q. What kind of Tile, Counter top & flooring should one use in the kitchen?

        The non visible area of the modular furniture can be covered by plain tiles and the visible area called “dado” can be decorated by good designer
        tiles, composite material or simply extend the same granite or counter-top.

        Counter-tops are available in various materials and finishes like, marble, granite, composite, wooden & Steel. Most common and recommended
        is granite, due to its hardness. However, composite products are very much the recent trend.
        Even laminated counter-tops can be used, provided the careful use of water. Marble, granite, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, vitrified tiles, etc can be
        used for the flooring. We recommend using a harder surface, as the kitchen is a room where bulky utensils and equipment are shifted (like
        cylinders, refrigerators and so on), causing scratches and indents. Hence, the harder the surface, the better and longer its life.
        We have various options in tiles for the wall andfloor tiling of the kitchen and the range is exhaustive.

        Granite is a widely preferred material for the flooring as it is easy to clean and matches practically anything. Although marble absorbs water
        quickly which makes it prone to staining, it scores high in the looks department. Hence the most practical would be even vitrified or semi-
       vitrified floors and Marbonite. For a low traffic kitchen, wooden flooring or wooden floor laminates can be considered. This is the latest trend in         high profile or affluent kitchens.

Q. Why do we need a Chimney?

        Normally we install an exhaust fan to purify the air in the kitchen. By doing this the oil vapor, dust particles and carbon travel from cooking
        area to the exhaust fan and settle down on the surface of kitchen wall, top cabinets and damage the look and surface.
        At the same time it’s also harmful for the health of the person cooking.

      Chimneys are located just above the cooking hob and hence all smoke, oil vapor, dust particles and carbon get sucked into it immediately and        are then thrown out of the kitchen with the help of powerful suction blowers and fans; thus, improving the air and environment prevailing in the         kitchen. Add to that, some of the designs are technologically advanced with built-in lights, a timer among other features! Some, due to its glass
        or steel finish, increase the aesthetics of the modular kitchen drastically!