Plan My Kitchen

  Name :    
  Address :    
  Contact No. :      
  Email :      
1. Is it new flat or a renovation?
2. Is the platform existing?
  Yes No  
3. What are the approximate dimensions of your Kitchen?
4. What kind of kitchen would you prefer?
  Parallel L Kitchen Island
  U Kitchen Staright Other
5. Do you have a corner in your kitchen?
  No Yes. How much?
6. How many adults/children are in the family?  
  Adult Children  
7. What do you consume more?  
  Veg. Non-Veg.  
8. Do you deep fry your food?    
  Yes No  
9. Please specify your shopping pattern?  
  Daily Weekly Monthly
10. Do you have a separate storage room?    
  Yes No  
11. What kind of kitchen worktop do you want?  
  Granite Corian Quartz
12. What kind of kitchen dado do you want?  
  Tiles Corian Glass
13. If your refrigerator placed inside or outside the Kitchen?  
  Inside Outside  
14. Do you want to use a cooker hoo?  
  No With duct Ductless
15. Do you want to use built in cooking range like.  
  Dishwasher Microwave Oven
  Hob Hood
16. What kind of hob would you use?  
  Gas Electric  
17. Please mention where the sink is located?  
18. What configuration sink would you prefer?  
  Single Bowl Single Bowl with the drainer Double Bow
  Double Bowl with drainer 1.5 Bowl with drainer  
19. Which appliances do you want in your kitchen?
  Aqua Guard Mixer Grinder Toaster
  Oven Juicer/Blender  
20. Would you prefer any of the below mentioned Lighting solution for your kitchen?
  Self Lights Under cabinet lights Cabinet lights
21. Would you like to have following cabinets in your kitchen?
  Roller Shutter Tall Unit Pantry Unit
  Corner Unit Over head Unit
22. What is the site status?  
23. Additional information if any